The violence in JNU, where students and faculty members were brutally beaten up by a mob of masked goons carrying rods and hammers, has been condemned worldwide. The attack, which was carried out with the idle approval of security personnel and the Delhi Police, has still not resulted in any arrests.


Now, the Hindu Raksha Dal, a fringe extremist group, has taken responsibility for the attack.

HRD member Pinky Chaudhary made a video staking claim to the violence, and said that they attacked JNU as ‘it is against their religion and against India’.

However, people are saying that this might all just be a ruse to protect the ABVP and other organisations involved in the attack. If this fringe group takes responsibility, the actual culprits have plausible deniability. 

When the interviewer asks him for proof, he goes back to the same refrain about JNU students being against the country, but is unable to provide any solid evidence of his organisation’s involvement.

Be that as it may however, the police should be investigating him and the Hindu Raksha Dal, as they have taken responsibility for one of the most vile attacks in recent history.