No matter what the challenges are, India and its people have always shown that humanity triumphs all religious and cultural differences.

As we celebrate Eid today, this story of brotherhood from a Gujarat slum, will fill your hearts with pride.


A group of Hindus from Navinagri slums in Vadodara observed roza to express gratitude to their Muslim brethren who fed them during the lockdown.


According to a report by TOI, Muslims of the area started a community kitchen during lockdown to feed the people of the neighbourhood. They provided food to some 700 people daily.

Hindus, who were among the ones fed by the initiative, decided to show gratitude by fasting with their Muslim brothers on their auspicious day.

Indian Express

Speaking to TOI, a 19-year-old Hindu driver, who also observed roza, said:

Usually, I observe fast every Saturday. But this time during Ramzan, we decided to observe fast on the 27th day to mark our gratitude for our neighbours who did not discriminate while feeding the needy during lockdown. We also prayed together to ward-off coronavirus.

Another Hindu auto-rickshaw driver, who observed the fast with his family, said:

Had they not started the community kitchen, my family would have starved as my work was completely shut due to lockdown.

This sweet and meaningful gesture by both the communities will go a long way in keeping India’s unity in diversity intact.