Delhi has seen a lot in last one week and most of it is heartbreaking. However, if one looks closely, they will find stories evoking hope and happiness. Just like this one.

30-year-old Shabana Parveen, who was hit by an angry mob on her abdomen during the riots, delivered a baby boy on Wednesday. The family is calling him a 'miracle baby'.

Shabana  with her baby
Source: NDTV

Rightfully so, considering what the family survived. Living in northeast Delhi's Karawal Nagar, they were hit by a mob during the riots earlier this week.

People barged into their house and started beating up every one, including a pregnant Shabana. They somehow managed to escape, though, and rushed to the hospital but the doctors referred them to another place for the delivery.

Delhi's Karawal Nagar after riots
Source: Social News

On Wednesday (February 26), Shabana gave birth to her perfectly healthy baby; and even though the family has lost every thing to the violence, they are hopeful.

In an interview given to PTI, Shabana's mother-in-law said:

It's all gone there. Nothing left. Maybe, we will go to some relative's place and see how we can re-build our life.
miracle baby born during delhi riots
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Meanwhile, her older kid held his newborn brother and said he will always protect him.

I will take care of him forever and save him from every ill.

Born amid violence, we hope that the baby grows up in a peaceful world.