After the latest incident of violence perpetrated from the Delhi Police, a student of Jamia Millia Islamia claimed that the brutality has caused women to suffer injuries on their private parts. 

According to News18, the injuries were inflicted by Delhi Police personnel while confronting a group of anti-CAA protesters outside the university campus on Monday, February 10. 

The whole incident caused a stampede-like situation and people were severely injured after being hit below the belt by the police officials. 
Speaking to News18, a few injured women protesters exposed the brutal attack by the police and said: 

They were pushing us aside; they had all this gear on. They were saying that they are not using batons, but when we were in the crowd and stranded, they were pushing us and were hitting us below the belt. They were hitting us on our legs.

While a few students were quickly taken to the hospital for treatment, some were even choked and nauseated. 

Continuing their ordeal, one of the students revealed: 

There is a woman student who has been severely injured on her sensitive parts, which is not good. There was also a stampede-like situation, where people got choked and nauseated. That is what happened with me also. I fainted twice. We had no space to breathe. 

Apparently, the Delhi Police was spraying an unknown chemical, which forced many students to complain of uneasiness, vomiting and severe stomach ache. 

The incident comes 10 days after a student was injured when a man opened fire on a group of protesters in Jamia Nagar. 

Apparently, the Delhi Police had denied permission for a protest march on Monday afternoon and the issue escalated as the day progressed and the set of protesters took to the streets. 


After the violence, more than 16 protesters were admitted to the Al Shifa Hospital. One of the protesters, with chest pain, stomach pain and a respiratory problem, was shifted to the ICU. 

Most of the women protesters injured in the violence, against the students, had started their march from Jamia’s gate no. 7 around Monday afternoon and were encircled around Sukhdev Vihar Metro Station.