Secret doorways are easily the coolest thing a house can have. I believe children all around the world can confirm that. And we have a treat for those of us who appreciate the mystery of a secret passage behind an innocuous-seeming wall.

Presenting, secret doorways that’ll make you want to redo your own home according to Boredom Therapy.


A sauna hidden behind the bathroom wall.


A private bathroom hidden by the innocent book-shelf!


Is that a wine cellar under the floorboards? Best. Kitchen. Ever.


Shifting stairs that’ll take you up, or that’ll take you further down. Frikkin’ Hogwarts shizz!


A playroom inside the kids’ wardrobe. This is straight outta Narnia now, isn’t it?


A fireplace that slides open into another room. How intriguing.


Old stone walls opening up into grand-looking rooms. This is where I want to have all my secret meetings. If I ever had any.


Or here. Meeting behind a swivelling book-case is always a classy AF move.


Just when they think that’s all there is to the room, you surprise them with more.


A spiral staircase hidden behind them books. That’s got Bond villain written all over it.


Hidden doors in an attic? Ever better. More storage space, and more mystery.


Seriously, there’s no better way to have the world know of your badassery than with secret doors.


Be it in your own room, for some extra space.


Or for your guests behind the walls.


And this has GOT to be the coolest way to park your car. Secret stylez.


You can find my certificate of awesomeness on, I mean behind the wall with the bottles.


So every mystery fan out there who’s given up hope on trying to find hideaways when they visit these grand homes – there is hope still. These are real homes.

And one day, when you’re curiously looking through some books on a shelf, pull one and the wall in front of you will slide open to reveal a secret room. Don’t stop believing.

All images sourced from Boredom Therapy