Recent incidents of students being abused, beaten to death and sexually violated are on an all-time rise. Unfortunately, all such incidents have taken place inside school premises, sometimes also involving school authorities.  

This makes a very important question cross our mind, “If our children aren’t safe in their schools, are they safe anywhere at all?”

Here are some of the harrowing incidents that have taken place over the last few years.

When a 7-year-old student was murdered by a class 11 boy who apparently wanted to delay the exams and PTA meet.

Business Standard

When a 13-year-old girl was repeatedly raped by several students and the school principal over a period of seven months.


When a 4-year-old was brutally raped by her 27-year-old teacher in Madhya Pradesh.


When a 29-year-old school worker raped a 4-year-old girl inside the school bathroom.

India Today

When a 42-year-old school headmaster raped a 9-year-old girl in Andhra Pradesh.


When a 9-year-old boy’s tied-up dead body was found inside a school toilet in Uttar Pradesh


When a 17-year-old boy was murdered right outside his school in Panchkula.


When a 14-year-old boy was found dead with multiple stab wounds to his abdomen in his school’s washroom.


When two 5-year-old twin brothers were kidnapped from their school bus and murdered after taking ransom from their father who is an oil merchant.

New Indian Express

When a class 9 boy was beaten to death by fellow students in their school’s toilet.

India Today

When a student beat another student to death inside school premises in Kolkata.


When a 16-year-old teacher’s son beat his junior, a 12-year-old student to death while the teacher helped him cover it up.

Indian Express

When a class 1 student was beaten to death by school authorities after his parents failed to pay the school fee on time.

Outlook India

When another student in Manipur was beaten to death by the school staff over non-payment of fee.


When a 12-year-old boy was beaten to death by his seniors and the school authorities tried covering it up without informing his parents that their son had died.

Free Press Journal

When a 3-year-old girl was sexually abused by two female helpers at her pre-school, who violated her with stones and twigs in her private parts.


Children are sent to school to study and it’s the school authorities responsibilities to make sure they remain 100% safe. But if they are the ones inflicting such torture on them, where are we going as a country?