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The horrific brutalisation of Jeyaraj and Bennix at the hands of Tamil Nadu cops has seen a wave of outrage across the country. Their deaths, caused by the severe torture inflicted on them by the police for allegedly keeping their shop open past hours, was originally passed off as self injury and fever.

Now, hospital and jail records have confirmed that they had grievous injuries inflicted by the Thoothukudi police. It states that both the victims had multiple marks on their gluteal regions (buttocks), as well as other injuries.

Records maintained by the government hospital in Sathankulam were leaked, which noted that they had injuries a day after being brought in from police custody.

Jeyaraj, 58, was diabetic and had hypertension. He had multiple marks on his gluteal region (buttocks), while Bennix, 31, also had multiple marks on his gluteal region. Bennix was on medication for hypertension and had a sulcus or depression on his right knee and he was asked to come for an X-ray of the right knee and a blood sugar check up the next day.
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Admission records maintained by the Kovilpatti sub-jail also confirmed the presence of several injuries on the 2 victims. It stated that Bennix had swollen legs and wrists at the time of entering the prison.

The entry document was signed by Jeyaraj, Beniks and 2 policemen named Chelladurai and Muthuraj.Jeyaraj and Bennix were brought to the hospital on the morning of Saturday, 20 June, before being taken to D Saravanan, the Judicial Magistrate of Sathankulam.

India Today

According to The New Indian Express, 8 policemen, led by inspector Sridhar and sub-inspectors Balakrishnan and Ragu Ganesh tortured the men in Sathankulam police station on the night of 19 June. Further updates are awaited.