Indian-American hotelier Vikram Chatwal has been charged with criminal mischief for allegedly trying to light two dogs on fire.

Chatwal, 44, turned himself in to the police early on Monday morning. He has been charged with criminal mischief, torturing and injuring an animal, reckless endangerment and arson, a New York Police Department official said.

Facebook/Vikram Chatwal

According to a report in local news website, the charges stem from an October 7 incident in which Chatwal allegedly got into an argument with a woman walking the dogs outside Chatwal’s home. Chatwal allegedly pulled out a lighter and aerosol can and used them to burn the two dogs, the report said. It cited the police to say that the dogs suffered minor burns in the incident.

Chatwal is expected to make a court appearance in the case later on Tuesday.

(Feature image source: Twitter/@amandasome)