Around 17,000 trees were felled by protesters to block the highways, city roads and railway tracks during the 10-day pro-quota Jat agitation in Haryana, a senior state Forest Department official said today. 

“About 17,000 trees were cut during Jat agitation which were used to put blockades,” he said. 

Most of the trees were cut in Jat-dominated areas. The highest number of trees, around 5,100, were felled in Jind district, about 3,300 in Bhiwani district, 2,400 in Hissar district, 1,200 in Jhajjar district, 1,391 in Sonepat district, 1,020 in Kaithal district and 968 in Rohtak district, the officer said. 

b’Jat agitators / Source: PTI’

Various types of trees, including ‘Eucalyptus’ and ‘Kikar’ became the victim of Jat stir, giving a setback to the state government’s initiative of protecting environment with tree plantation. Asked whether the department could take any action against those who felled the trees, the official said it was very difficult to identify people in a mob against whom action could be initiated. 

There were reports that arsonists had even taken trees along with themselves after lifting the blockades from roads and railway tracks.

(Feature image source: PTI)