The pandemic has managed to completely change life as we know it. Among the various ways in which it continues to change things around us, one of them is travelling by air. Considering how air travel is the most sought after medium of travel, there are several changes in the way it functions from now on.  

Staggered flights to avoid overcrowding at airports 

Airports used to be extremely busy with flights taking off one after another towards different parts of the world. However, post lockdown, the flights have been staggered in such a manner that there would not be many people at the airport so that the crowd can be as manageable as possible.

Social distancing at checking counters with markings 

It is a given for us to maintain social distancing till at least till 2022. Hence, airports are no different. There are markers placed at each and every queue from check in counters to security checks where it is mandatory to follow social distancing.

Sanitising tunnels at airport entry points for passengers and employees 

When someone enters the airport, there are sanitising tunnels to ensure that before stepping foot into the airport premises, you are virus free and completely sanitized and disinfected. This does not only apply to the passengers but also the staff members.

A vacant seat between every two passengers 

If social distancing is being maintained at the airport queues, why should flights be any different? After lockdown while traveling by air, a seat is to be left vacant between passengers to avoid close contact between one another.

No in-flight meals 

The contact between cabin crew and the passengers has also been minimized which means that in flight meal services are no longer provided. Instead, dry packaged foods are kept inside the seat pockets before passengers board the plane.

Arrival at airport becomes a lot earlier than usual 

Originally for domestic flights, it was advised to be at the airport at least an hour and a half before the scheduled departure time and for international flights, it was 3 hours. However now, it is advised to be at the airport 2-3 hours before the domestic flight’s departure as well. This is done to ensure that all procedures and precautions are carried out on time.