As India has been under the 40 lockdown, there are increasing concerns about the economy. But obviously the pandemic doesn’t really care. With Delhi seeing the highest one-day peak in the Covid positive cases and Maharashtra crossing the 12,000 mark, it seems unlikely to lift the lockdown.

As India plans to ease out certain restrictions in the third phase of its lockdown, here are some countries that can help India understand the system better.  

1. China

China had more than 82,000 affected cases and over 4,000 deaths. As we all know, China was the first hub of the Coronavirus and the place where the virus emerged. The outbreak emerged in China in December and China had closed its boundaries for travellers in January itself. 

On March 25th, China lifted all the restrictions and travel curbs in the country’s worst hit Hubei, except in Wuhan, which is considered to be ground zero of the pandemic. Wuhan, the city of 11 million people, accounted for China’s 84% of Covid-19 death toll. The lockdown in the city was lifted on April 8th desealing the area after 70 days.

2. United States

United States The US currently is considered to be the country with the highest number of virus affected cases. The country currently has over 1 million affected cases with over 67,000 deaths. Despite such high numbers, the country is under partial lockdown. 

Several states have rolled back confinement measures. States like Georgia, Texas, Florida, Alaska, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Mississippi, Colorado and South Carolina have started to ease out the restrictions. New York city, the worst affected state has also planned to resume some manufacturing and construction activity in low risk areas from May 15.

3. Italy

Italy Italy was also one of the worst affected countries which was again considered as the hub of the virus. To make things easier for its citizens, the country followed the ‘Gradient Unlockdown Plan’. After seven weeks of lockdown, on April 27th, this first European country to go into lockdown, allowed some country and factory work to restart. 

This is what the country has planned for its citizens in May, from May 4, the Italians will be able to exercise outdoors and visit their relatives under the compulsion of wearing masks and practising social distancing. Restaurants can offer takeout and the wholesale stores can resume their businesses. The country plans to open the remaining shops along with the museums and libraries. The restaurants and the hairdresser are scheduled to reopen on 1st June, while the schools remain shut until September.

4. Spain

Spain had a total of 2,47,122 positive cases, which is the second highest and 25,264 deaths. While most of the curbs continued post April, the government allowed the children to play outdoors since April 26. Currently, Spain is focusing on a four-phase plan. 

May 4 saw the lifting of partial relaxations like allowing hairdressers, restaurants and take away services to function. May 11th is to mark the reopening of small businesses, bars, restaurants, shops and other service providers with applied terms and conditions. Theatres and cinema halls will be reopened by May end and June end will allow people the access to the beaches.

5. France 

While the government is still planning the relaxation and lifting of the lockdown, May 11 plans to start public transport with compulsory masks and gradually open the schools. But the areas with large public gatherings like restaurants, cafes and cinemas will remain shut.

While these countries are planning to lift the curbs, there are countries like the UK and Russia that have decided to continue the curb.

As Russia also plans to lift curbs in a staggered manner post May 11th, depending on how the pandemic unfolds, the UK PM believes that it’s too early to lift the curb as the UK might not be able to handle the second wave of the crisis.