Bengaluru Police surely knows their TV shows. Not only do they appreciate them, they even know how to ‘play’ them up.

The police’s Twitter handle uses memes inspired by TV show and movies to deliver its messages and it seems the city’s citizens are loving them.

Here are some of Bengaluru police’s hilarious tweets.

1. The ‘Lord of Light’ and the ‘Lord of traffic light’

Melisandre, a priestess in Game of Thrones, worships the ‘Lord of Light’, and she often hails her god every time she appears on screen. Bengaluru police certainly knew how to use her favourite dialogue for their illustrious tweet on traffic lights!

2. When Narcos, Netflix and Bengaluru Police had a small chit-chat

In an attempt to scare drug dealers in the city, Bengaluru police dropped a witty reference to Netflix’s popular show Narcos. However, the interesting part was that Netflix too had a response to the little poem.

But Bengaluru police replied to it too, like a boss. 

3. Looks like Jon Snow knows ‘something..’

A popular phrase in Game of Thrones, “Jon Snow knows nothing,” was aptly used by the Bengaluru police when it decided to promote road safety. 

4. When they wanted to warn of drunk drivers

Looks like Bengaluru Police is a fan of Harry Potter‘s flying wizards too.

5. Be a ‘skywalker’ not a White Walker

Bengaluru Police warns you of jaywalking in the best possible way. Seems like Game of Thrones is a favorite. 

6. ‘A Lannister always pay his debts’

Here’s another meme inspired by Game of Thrones, taking the family logo of the Lannisters as a reminder to always pay up the fine for traffic violations.

7. ‘You can see’ John Cena

WWE wrestler Joh Cena’s album You Can’t See Me has acquired an all new meaning, thanks to Bengaluru Police. 

8. And they are on Snapchat and Instagram to

9. Drug dealers and their ‘lines’

A perfect dig on ‘lines’, Bengaluru Police is warning you of using drugs and rash driving. Could it have done any better?

And they can always weed you out if you are using drugs. Okay?

10. Stunts from Matrix

(Feature image source: AFP)