A wedding function in Kanpur turned into an epic ‘battlefield’ after two groups clashed over what song to play at the venue. The crucial choice was to be made between ‘DJ Waala Babu mera Gaana Baja De’ and ‘Nagin tune’. 

Six youths were whisked off to a police station from the function on Tuesday after they clashed over the music at the event. 

b’Source: Youtube’

At the wedding of Rajendra Kumar’s daughter, some of the guests ordered the disc jockey to play the Bollywood number ‘DJ Waale Babu mera Gaana Baja de’ in the marriage procession.

On the other hand, another other group demanded the playing of the ‘Nagin Tune’. Apparently the argument reached such a heated level that the two groups got into a physical fight.

Six men were detained and were released after issuing them a warning, police added.

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