Faye D’Souza emerged on the Indian media scene as a breath of fresh air, and in the last decade, has continued to set new standards of what ethical and empathetic reporting is all about, while staying true to the spirit of investigative journalism. 

And nothing proves that better than her latest story of how, she, along with her team, ensured that a locality of slum-dwellers who were breathing in toxic fumes because of their location, are relocated to a better area. 

Faye took to Instagram to share the story of how, over a period of three years, she worked with her team to help improve the living conditions for people who were moved from a slum in Ghatkopar to a housing unit in Mahul. 

Mahul, because of its proximity to refineries, became a toxic environment for the people, leading to multiple deaths and high medical bills. 

The homes are too close to the refineries in Mumbai. It made most of the people here sick. Every family had either lost a member to cancer or TB or was struggling to pay the medical bills for someone being treated. We campaigned relentlessly to the state government to have them moved out of there.

Three years of relentless campaigning later, the State Government relocated the people from Mahul to Malad. For Faye, it was more than just a win. It was a reaffirmation of the kind of journalism she wishes to be a part of. 

Last night, I attended an event where they were being given keys to their new homes in Malad. They have been moved. Their lives have been saved. It’s that simple, this is the kind of work I want to be able to do for the rest of my life. Journalism that matters to people.

Many people took to Instagram to congratulate her for what she has achieved:

You can read the complete story here: 

Faye’s story is a reminder that hard work and noble intentions will always yield results. It may not be quick, but it will most certainly be efficient, and more importantly, help change the world for the better. Truly an inspiration! 

All images from the Instagram page of Faye D’Souza.