In its highest-ever single-day spike in the coronavirus cases, India on Friday tested 6,654 people positive for Covid-19. The head of the World Health Organization (WHO) had also warned on Wednesday that the coronavirus pandemic was a long way from being over.

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As more coronavirus cases were reported from across the country, the country’s total number of coronavirus cases has climbed to 1,25,101.


India had a slow start to the coronavirus outbreak, with around 100 cases reported in the first 45 days. We recorded the first case in Kerala on January 30 and crossed the 10,000-mark on the 14th of April. So India took 75 days to reach the 10,000 figure.

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However, cases jumped from 70,000 to 80,000 in just 3 days, and took another just another day to reach 85,000, India Today reported. 

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However, India hasn’t reached its peak yet. The numbers have only kept piling up. We have now reached more or less 5000 new cases per day. The first 15 days of May alone saw us add 45,000 new cases.

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When the nationwide lockdown was imposed on the 25th of March, India was conducting 539 tests per million people and ranked 52nd among countries. Since then, test numbers have risen 47-fold even as cases have risen more than a hundred times, with India now conducting 758 tests per million, making it the 24th ranked country in terms of tests per million as of 3rd of May. 

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Not only have we ramped up the testing rates, but yesterday was also the 4th day when more than 1 lakh tests were completed. 

Now, to flatten the curve, we have had one of the strictest lockdown measures in the whole world. But as we enter Lockdown 4.0 under great economic duress, the central and state governments are relaxing most of the lockdown measures enforced in the country. 

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So, are offices open? What about factories?

Well, in cities like Gurgaon, offices can function up to 50% strength and industries can operate with 100% staff. Even in Delhi, all government and private offices have been allowed to operate with full strength. However, the CM has urged private business owners to encourage work from home for their employees.

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Can we order food, go out to movies, book cabs? Is the Delhi Metro functional? 

Again, this has been left to the devices of state governments. You could order food even during the previous lockdown. Quite obviously, movie theatres, gyms, and other places that gather a huge number of people in closed proximity have been shut down. 

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As far as cabs are concerned, in Delhi, you can book cabs, depending on the zone you are in. Also, cabs can only have two passengers besides the driver. Autos can also run in certain areas but only with one passenger.  And no, the Delhi Metro hasn’t re-opened yet. 

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In Delhi, all shops in markets and shopping complexes have been allowed to open. But if they sell non-essential items, the odd-even policy has to be followed. 

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However, in Maharashtra, inter-state movement of people, air travel, railways, Metro, schools, colleges, offices, barber shops etc will remain closed. Auto rickshaws and taxis can operate in non-red zones but are only allowed to ferry 2 passengers at a time. 

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Different state governments have declared different guidelines depending on the magnitude of the mortality and infection rations in their respective regions. So make sure you know what your local authorities have decided before you decide to venture out.