Do you know what is male privilege? It’s getting rest. Truly. It’s putting your brain and body to rest because women don’t get to do that. Even when we’re asleep. We are always careful, always vigilant, looking out for signs of threat, which are scattered everywhere. 

Do you know what is male privilege? It’s not thinking twice because women always think twice. We double-check stuff, we go back and forth, we stand still, we take a deep breath, and then go ahead with what we were going to do. It’s ingrained in our personalities, in our brains. 

To give you a better idea about the same, we have made a list of some basic daily activities and how we go about them. It’s not easy being a woman in this world. 


1. While spending the night alone

• Check if the door is locked.

• Check it again.

•  And again.

• Let at least one person know that you’re alone.

• Be wary of any noise from the outside.

• Sleep with some kind of weapon to attack.

• Keep all the curtains drawn.

• Keep the music loud so that people think there’s more than one person inside. 

• Be aware of what’s happening, even in sleep. 


2. While walking alone at night

• Check if someone is following you.

• Dress ‘appropriately’ for the street.

• Clutch your bag as close to your chest as possible.

• Make as less noise as possible.

• Talk to someone on phone or on texts.

• Share your live location if the locality is particularly shady or it’s too late in the night.

• Change pace if you notice a group of men.

• Think of ways to attack if someone tries to touch you. 


3. While going on first date

• Show the person’s picture to your friends.

• Share his address with your friends. 

• If the date is not at home, tell your friends where you are going. 

• Have someone trusted on speed dial just in case. 

• Plan your exit in advance in case something goes wrong. 

• Be wary of what you’re eating and drinking. 


4. While house hunting

• Make sure that the owner is not shady. 

• Check if the locality is safe.

• Check if the neighbours are safe to live around.

• Make sure the security is tight. Inform at least one person in the city even before moving in. 

• Give broker/owner’s details to someone you trust, just in case.

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5. Receiving an order

• Wear something that isn’t too revealing. 

• Check properly through the door who the person is. 

• Stay behind the door, hold it tightly till you’re sure the person is safe to be around. 

• Don’t talk too much, don’t be too friendly. 

• Lock the door if you have to get something from inside. 

• At times, pretend that there is someone with you in the house. 

• Don’t let them know you’re drunk if you are. 

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6. Going out to shop

• Cover as much of your body as you can. 

• Keep your belongings close. 

• In a crowded area, cover your breasts because you don’t want to get groped.

• Be aware of someone touching you.

• Use your elbows to keep people away. 

• Don’t smile, don’t talk, just try and get through the crowd. Check if the changing room has cameras. 

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7. Going to party at night

• Wonder if your clothes are too ‘skimpy’. 

• Ignore the people who stare because someone always will. 

• Watch yourself when you dance.

• Watch yourself when you drink.

• Go to the washroom with a friend.

• Take notice of what you’re drinking.

• Don’t make eye contact with dudes.

• Don’t ask for favours, lest a man thinks you’re interested in him. 


8. Going to a doctor

• Ask people about history. 

• Not just medical but also behavioral. 

• Be vigilant during physical examinations. 

• Wear ‘decent’ clothes. 

• Make sure the clinic is safe. 

• Look out for signs that the doctor may be creepy.


9. While taking a cab

• Check the driver’s rating obsessively. 

• Send ride details to a trusted person.

• Check the car’s number plate.

• Stay constantly awake and aware.

• Keep a pepper spray handy.

• Check if the driver is following the correct route.

• Keep talking to someone so that the driver knows other people are aware of the ride.

• Don’t talk too much to him, lest he thinks you’re ‘friendly’.

• Ensure you’re clothes aren’t ‘suggesting’ anything.  


10. While working out in a gym.

• Make sure you’re wearing a tight bra so that your breasts don’t bounce. 

• Be wary of the trainer’s touch. 

• Make sure your cleavage doesn’t show when you bend. 

• Look out for creepy men who just won’t stop staring.

• Leave certain exercises for home because it’s too uncomfortable to do them in front of men.  


We’re exhausted, and that is on you, world.