Testing, testing, testing.

The countries worst hit by the coronavirus say that testing is what is required of individual governments, otherwise the pandemic is only going to become worse. But how much does testing cost? Here we give you details of some nations:


While the testing is free at the state-funded hospitals in India, the private ones can charge you as much as ₹4,500, for the same. 

That is not ideal, considering the government hospitals are always crowded with hundreds of patients. Additionally, they are currently very strict about testing only those who have a travel history or those who were in close contact with someone who does.

coronavirus testing in India
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The tests for coronavirus in the US are free but the additional costs add up to a lot but with rising number of cases, the Trump government is expected to work towards it.

coronavirus testing across the globe
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United Kingdom

The tests conducted by the NHS (national health service) are free of cost, the private labs can cost as much as £375, which amounts to ₹33,557.


Not only is the testing free in China, any other charge related to COVID-19 that might occur during the treatment and can't be covered by the person's insurance, will be on the government.

Coronavirus testing for free in china
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While various government-designated hospitals are providing the tests for free, the country is also trying to come up with a kit, which will cost somewhere between 300-500 to the people.  

coronavirus testing kits
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One of the nations which have effectively controlled coronavirus, Vietnam provides free testing to everyone and in case the tests turn out to be negative, the cost is covered by the government.

South Korea

The testing in South Korea is free and is even performed at drive-through centers where you just have to go with your car and get tested for the virus. You get the result next day through a text.

coronavirus testing
Source: Economic Times


A country with one of the best medical facilities in the world, Italy tests people for free and tests vigorously.

Free testing is the need of the hour and the governments need to realise that it's the only real chance we have at controlling the virus.