India has been facing off against a catastrophic second wave of the coronavirus that’s seeing innumerable deaths, a collapse of the healthcare system, and immense suffering amongst the masses. But for the 1%, there are always other options, which is why India’s uber rich have been setting off on private jets to any country still willing to take them. Meanwhile, India reported a record 350,000 new infections in a day.

According to The Sunday Times, India’s rich have been spending massive amounts of money (over $130,000) to book last-minute flights and private jets to places like Britain and the UAE.

At least eight private jets were flown to Britain from India in the last 24 hours just before the UK implemented its own travel ban. One jet – a 13-seater Bombardier Global 6000 – landed at Luton airport from Mumbai 45 minutes before the introduction of the travel restrictions. It is believed that the 9-hour flight may have cost more than $138,000 (£100,000).


According to The Economic Times, private jet provider Enthral Aviation claimed they have been swamped by hundreds of inquiries over the last few days. An Enthral Aviation spokesperson told Economic Times,

We have requested more aircraft from abroad to meet the demand. It costs $38,000 to hire a 13-seater jet from Mumbai to Dubai and $31,000 to hire a six-seater aircraft. People are making groups and arranging to share our jets just to get a seat. We’ve had some queries for Thailand but mostly the demand is for Dubai.

By now, places like Maldives, the UK, and Dubai have put in curbs and travels bans for people from India, but many still left before they came into effect. So yet again, the poor suffer while the rich look the other way.