Who knew that sitting at home could be so tiring? A place where you have all the amenities but you still don’t know what to do with them is making everyone feel antsy and anxious. 

But such are the times. And at least all we have to do is sit at home. There are people out there who do not have this luxury. They are the brave ones stepping out to battle Coronavirus on the front lines. And their protective gear is nothing short of armour worn by a soldier on an actual battlefield. The innumerable layers of this personal protective equipment, PPE, which doctors, nurses and other support staff at hospitals wear everyday is a true reflection of how tough their everyday struggles are.  

Here’s how they start their day.. 

Looks tough, huh? But if these brave-hearts can pack a fight each day, the least we can do is stay at home and beat Coronavirus with social distancing.  

So, stay home, stay safe guys!