The novel coronavirus seems to have brought out both, the best and the worst out of people. While there are people who have been harassing and accusing the doctors, nurses and air hostesses for doing their jobs, there also people who are trying to help those in need with distributing food, giving dry rations and feeding strays. Something similar is happening with our politicians also.

The pandemic has made our Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other state representatives to put aside the quarrels and face the virus united. While the PM, for the first time, has consulted and agreed with the state chief ministers on the extension of the lockdown, these political parties in Kerala are surprising the residents with their joint efforts to make the lockdowns better.

The pandemic outbreak has brought all the ‘enemies’ together in north Kerala’s Thalassery in Kannur district which is considered to be the hotspot of CPI(M)-RSS clashes. The clashes are believed to have claimed more than 200 lives in the last three decades. Leaving behind their bitter rivalry, workers of both parties have joined hands to run community kitchens in the coastal town.

The new born camaraderie between the political parties in Kerala has shown how humanity does not really have a space for politics. . 

While cutting vegetables for sambar or cooking rice, workers of Sewa Bharati, the social wing of the RSS, and Democratic Youth Federation of India, CPI(M), the youth wing of the CPI(M) as well as workers of the Youth League and the Youth Congress seem to be a first where people from these wings are face to face and not fighting

Before this, in certain pockets of Thalassery, both RSS and CPI(M) have fiercely guarded their party villages and their political opponents have been unwelcomed there.

“It is no time for politics. Our CM has given an open call to engage everyone in the community kitchens. Our only concern is to feed empty stomachs. We don’t go by the colour of flags here,” said Thalassery MLA AN Shamseer.

And the young sub-collector Asif K Yousef is co-ordinating everything by roping in all hues and colours of politics. “Feeding the poor is a national movement. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said helping others is the best thing to do in trying times,” said BJP leader MP Sumesh. 

Well, this seems to be a nice picture. Doesn’t it?