Holi is a special festival. While it signifies liberation and freedom, it has different meanings for everyone. Some people love celebrating Holi, others hate the way it’s celebrated. Over the years people have made this festival more about hooliganism than spreading positivity.

We need to understand that our definition of fun and Holi could be ruining someone else’s experience.


Reddit user recently shared her experience from a week before Holi when someone threw water and soil at her. This prompted her to write some DOs and DON’Ts to make Holi better for everyone around us.

1. Let’s not throw colours on strangers.


2. Let’s ensure that we ask for consent before applying colour even on people we know. Being at a public celebration doesn’t give us the freedom to do anything.

If anyone applies colour on you or touches you without consent, speak up.

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3. Let’s be conscious about the way we use water while playing Holi, given that a lot of cities are already running out of water.


4. Be aware of any allergies you or loved ones might have towards colours.


5. Ask someone if they want their picture clicked or not, as some people are conscious about the way they look, especially after being coloured.


6. Keep the celebrations a private affair. The pandemic isn’t over yet. Stay safe.


7. With new government guidelines with regard to Holi celebrations, let’s be mindful of our ways, maintain distance and wear a mask. 


8. Let’s not throw colours on stray animals. The toxic components in Holi colours can prove to be harmful for them.


9. If your pet animals get coloured wash them with a mild shampoo. Do not use spirits or alcohols to remove colours.

10. Make sure that your pets don’t eat sweets while you are away. Keep the sweets away from the reach of your pets.


11. Water balloons not only hurt other people but also promote wastage of water. So be conscious.


12. Let’s stick to organic colours instead of using toxic substances like grease, varnish, oil paint, etc. that can harm us and others as well.


As a kid, I was always scared to step out of my home days before Holi. I have had experiences of people throwing water balloons on me from their balconies and then shouting ‘Bura na maano Holi hai‘.

Let’s make this festival fun and happy for everyone.