According to a report by NITI Aayog, about 21 metro cities including Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bengaluru will run out of groundwater by 2020. Chennai and Delhi are already experiencing water crisis and if preventive measures are not taken soon, the situation will worsen. So, here are 24 things that you can do in order to save and conserve water. 

1. While brushing your teeth or while washing your hands, you can close the tap.

Before leaving the bathroom, make sure you close the tap completely.

2. Try to avoid using a bath tub as it can use up a lot of water, instead use the shower/bucket as much as possible. 

Don’t forget turn off the shower while you soap yourself. And, please keep your shower time short and sweet. If you don’t have a shower, fill a bucket of water and use as little water as you can to take a bath.

3. You can consider using a watering can to water the plants. 

One tends to use more water if they water the plants with a bucket or with a mug. Also, try to water your plants early in the morning since cooler morning temperatures mean losing less water to evaporation. This also helps to prevent growth of fungus

4. You can wash your clothes when your washing machine is fully loaded and not half full. 

Collect your clothes and wash them all at once to conserve water instead of washing small batches of clothes.

5. You can opt for a dish washer while cleaning dishes to use water more efficiently. 

If you are washing dishes with your hand, don’t let the water running while you apply soap on the dishes.

6. You can avoid using a pipe while washing your car. 

Instead, use a bucket and a sponge to clean your car.

7. Try to re-use rainwater by using some rainwater harvesting techniques at home. 

Click here to know how to build a rainwater collection system at home.

8. It is advisable to check taps and pipes in your washroom and kitchen for leaks. 

Even a small drip can waste 50 or more gallons of water a day. You can put some food colouring in your toilet tank to check if there is a seep or a leak that needs to be fixed. Keep an eye on your water bill to spot leaks.

9. Try to avoid using pipe water to clean your driveway. Use a broom instead. 

One tends to waste hundreds and hundreds of gallons of water with the use of a hose pipe

10. You can install water-saving shower heads or flow restrictors to conserve water. 

Go to any hardware store or a plumbing supply store near you to buy shower heads or flow restrictors that reduces the flow of water by three gallons a minute instead of five to ten. The shower heads are easy to install so, go ahead and buy one. You can also buy a water saving aerator for all your taps.

11. Opt for a bathing soap instead of a shower gel while taking a bath. 

One needs more water to rinse off the foam produced by a shower gel.

12. If possible, consider buying a dual-flush toilet. 

dual-flush toilet basically comes with two flush option: a half flush for liquid waste and full flush for solid waste.

13. Adjust the height of your lawn mower to a height of 1.5-2 inches to conserve water. 

Tall grass tends to provide shade to its roots and it holds the soil moisture better than short grass. You can also make small holes in your lawn after every 6 inches for water to reach the roots and not stay on the surface.

14. Try to use minimum amount of fertilizers on your plants and crops. 

Fertilizers do promote plant growth but they also tend to increase the water consumption. So, if possible, apply the least amount of fertilizers.

15. Watering your plants every day isn’t necessary. 

Water your summer lawn once every three days and your winter lawn, once every five days, if you want to use water efficiently.

16. Try not to pour water used for boiling your pasta or chicken down the drain because it can be used for other purposes. 

Instead, let the boiling water cool, so that you can use it to water indoor plants or garden.

17. Plant drought-resistant trees and plants that do not require a lot of water for survival. 

Click here to know which trees and plants are drought-resistant.

18. If possible, get rid of the lawn completely.

You can opt for a xeriscaped landscape that incorporates water wise ground cover, succulents, and other plants that thrive in drought conditions.

19. It is advised not to use water to de-frost food. 

Take out the food item that needs to be de-frosted, and keep it out for at least 1-2 hours before you start preparing your meal.

20. Give your pet a bath in your garden, if you can. 

That way, you’ll water your yard while bathing your pet. Just make sure that the soap you’re using isn’t harmful to your plants!

21. You can ideally mop your house 3 times a week. 

If possible, try to avoid mopping your house more than once in a day. You can mop your house on alternate days and use a duster to clean your furniture and other household items.

22. Try to avoid keeping a jug of water outside, instead refrigarate water bottles in advance. 

To keep water cool, refrigerate water bottles and use a glass so that you just pour the right amount of water you need in order to avoid wastage.

23. If possible, don’t spray water in front of your courtyard to keep it cool.

Buy a small roof shed (tin) for your courtyard instead that will keep the area cool and provide shade.

24. You can avoid shampooing your hair every day. 

Washing your hair requires extra amount of water so try to wash your hair on alternate days or after a two day gap.

Do your bit to conserve water.