Mark Zuckerberg’s tour to India kicked off with his visit to Taj Mahal . It was followed by a townhall meeting at IIT-DELHI where he interacted with students and faculty members.

Starting from connecting a billion people in India to having no good answer to the most voted question on Candy Crush, Zuckerberg spoke on a wide range of topics.

Here is a list of Zuckerberg’s top quotes of the meeting :

1. “Big culture I have seen where people decide they want to start a company before they know what they want to do, for start-ups, focus should be on the impact that will have on the world, rather than on the number of employees hired.”

2. “For the poor, we are creating new types of schools in Africa and will soon spread in India.”3. “Virtual reality is the future.”

4. “There are 4 billion people in the world who don’t have internet access, we want to provide internet to them.”5. “We want to build computer systems that are better than human senses and which can hear and see better.”

6. “We all have a moral responsibility to look out for people who don’t have the Internet, the people who aren’t on the Internet can’t sign an online petition pushing for more access to the Internet.”

7. “Through, we support net neutrality.”

8. ” This is where these town hall Q&A;’s are useful. I saw this (how to stop getting Candy Crush invites) was the top-voted question on my thread and sent a message to the person in charge of the developer platform to get rid of this issue. There are some tools that are outdated which let people send people invites. We hadn’t prioritized shutting it down, but we are doing it now.”

9. “Products build on Facebook is not aone person’s work or conceived in 1 eureka moment.”

10. “Our mission is giving people the power to share and making the world more connected but I’ve spend time thinking what impact we can have outside Facebook.”