Getting a job is difficult. Period. But it’s so much worse if your employers are greedy little crapiolas that just want to make your work and exploit you. So, in all our common interest, here’s a few things you might notice if you are being exploited and then you can work it out. 

1. It’s not ideal but sometimes we have to work overtime. Ideally, we should get paid for it as well but our labour laws are a little sketchy on that one. So, if you constantly find yourself working overtime and without extra pay, you gotta run, buddy. 

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2. Unless you have been hired for an administrative position, you shouldn’t have to spend your time fetching coffee and files. If that is happening to you, you’re very likely not a upper class upper caste, cishet man. So, confront them about this. 

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3. If you find yourself doing more, way more than your job description, it’s pretty clear that your bosses intend on working you till you die. That’s not gonna change. Tell them you know and if you are going to do a two people job, then you must be paid for it as well. 


4. If your manager keeps promising that pay raise that you never seem to get, then it’s time to layeth the smacketh down… No. Just make them sit down and answer all your questions properly. Don’t be vague. Don’t let them be vague. It’s your money, you have earned it. 


5. If you see your manager stealing credit for your work, but telling you that it was a team effort, you need to make sure their boss knows it’s your work. 


6. You must be familiar with the bandwidth questions. As irritating as it is, it’s worse not to get asked that and just get work dumped on you. So, just let them know, you are being overworked. 


7. Every time your manager says ‘we’re a family’, they just want you to work extra hard cos that’s what family does. Except they are not your family. Your family is at home, waiting for you. Just go. 


Dominic Torreto is one manipulative gaslighting A-hole. 

8. If your paycheques are constantly arriving late, your company either is going down or they just don’t care about you. So, there’s no remedy to that except looking for a new job. 


9. When your main boss, and yes, there’s always one, descends upon your team for something bad and your manager just starts pointing fingers, that’s your cue to leave the place. 


10. Getting regularly called for work on your off days or weekends is a big no. Just say no from the beginning. Make excuses, whatever you can to avoid working on your off days. Because if you do it once, they expect you to do it every time. 


11. If your manager is trying to get uncomfortably close, that’s your cue to run to HR. It’s a big step but this kind of behaviour ends up causing worse harm if it goes unreported. That said, it’s always what you think is best. 


Look, all this is very easy to put on paper but when it comes to the actual day-to-day, it’s always what suits you the best. If you want to carry on, please do that. If you want to quit, then you already know what to do.