While we saw so many people step up to help out back when the second wave of COVID had hit us. One terrible outcome of the pandemic we didn’t see coming was how many children would be left without parents and caretakers. Presently, many children have lost their parents to COVID, with no one to truly take care of them. 


Which is why Jai Sharma’s deed simply cannot be overlooked. The NGO founder has decided to adopt a group of children who have lost their parents to COVID. About a hundred, actually. Jai Sharma is the founder of JOY (Just Open Yourself) and has started a campaign wherein he’ll be adopting these children. He also mentioned in a Facebook post announcing this decision that they’ve already adopted twenty kids. Whose education, healthcare etc. is being looked after. 

Jai Sharma has aimed at reaching fifty children in the next week. He has said that his team is in the process of reaching out to villages and the Gram Pradhaans for their assistance. And even in the beginning stages of the pandemic, his NGO JOY had been helping out by distributing free oxygen cylinders, COVID medical kits, sanitization kits and other medical equipment. So, clearly this isn’t the only humanitarian work they’ve decided to do. 

What a noble and kind act.