Inhumanity of the worst kind has hit Pakistan. In a battle between the Tehreek-i-Taliban and the Pakistan Army, 126 people, of which 100 children of Army Public School in Peshawar, have been killed by Taliban militants, mercilessly.

A student who has managed to escape the premises recounts the horror to Telegraph UK , “When we were coming out of the class we saw dead bodies of our friends lying in the corridors. They were bleeding. Some were shot three times, some four times. The men entered the rooms one by one and started indiscriminate firing at the staff and students.”

Source: Telegraph

The terrorists wore paramilitary Frontier Corps uniforms to blend in, and started firing after entering the premises. They also wore suicide jackets.

Source: Telegraph

According to Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa chief minister Pervez Khattak, at least one militant blew himself up inside the school building, 2-3 attackers have been killed and 5-6 others are still inside the complex. They are reportedly keeping themselves safe by creating human shields of innocent children.

The Taliban claims its fighters “have been ordered to shoot the older students but not the children.” All the students of the school are below 18 years of age. Not that it should matter.

Source: Telegraph

This NEEDS to stop. Has humanity left this world?

Can we please put our differences aside and pray for Pakistan?