At this time, the entire world is struggling to fight the coronavirus outbreak. With Italy under complete lockdown and other countries of the world seeing a rise in the number of cases, the situation is one of panic.

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We already have enough instances to prove that humans are destroying this planet, one action at a time. But now, when most of the human population is under quarantine, we see some good coming out. Nature is rejuvenating in the absence of human beings and these reports from around the world are proof.

1. It has been noticed that the water in the canals of Venice has become much clearer due to the absence of boat traffic.

Since there’s no boat traffic, swans have returned and fishes are also visible in the canals.


2. Penguins at an aquarium in Chicago were allowed to roam freely as the aquarium is closed for humans due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The facility is apparently encouraging them to explore and express their natural behaviours.

3. Reports suggest that pollution levels have reduced drastically in northern Italy due to the coronavirus quarantine.

The huge decrease in the levels of nitrogen dioxide can be seen in the two satellite images.

The one taken on 14th February…

… and the one taken on 7th March when the entire country was under lockdown.

4. Third day into quarantine, wild boars could be seen roaming an Italian town.

5. Ducks have reclaimed a fountain in Rome in the absence of human visitors.

6. Carbon emissions in China have decreased significantly, upto 100 million metric tonnes, after the coronavirus outbreak.

As humans everywhere are under self-isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic, low pollution levels have led to the unexpected changes in the environment.

7. Dolphins were seen swimming near cities in Italy, with ferries and cruise ships halted.


Ferries and cruise ships around the world have been docked. With larger ships no more in circulation, wildlife has returned to ports and other areas that are typically overrun with human traffic.

These dolphins were spotted swimming by the port of Cagliari, capital city of the Italian island, Sardinia.

While the impact of coronavirus is mostly negative across the world, these instances show that we humans can coexist with nature without causing serious harm to it. We are hopeful of a better future once we get over the coronavirus outbreak. A future where the environment thrives and not deteriorates.

We are hopeful of a better future once we get over the coronavirus outbreak. A future where humans treat their planet well and the environment thrives.