They say, distance makes the heart go fonder. But everything goes haywire when there’s a pandemic. Those who hold on set examples for others.

Just like some of the best things in life happen unexpctedly, Sundeep also found his soulmate over an Instagram post on his experience with racism. Sharath, who had similar experiences connected with him and they started talking often.

Separated by miles, they lived on the opposite ends of the country. But true love knows no distance. So when Sundeep shared his helplessness to leave his city, Sharath said:

There’s nothing holding me back.

This was the beginning of a beautiful journey for the two. From virtual dates to meeting in person, Sundeep and Sharath made it happen. Sundeep talked about the first time they met in San Fransisco to Humans of Bombay:

Sundeep talked about the first time they met in San Fransisco to Humans of Bombay:

At the airport, our eyes met, we ran towards each other and kissed. We spent the next 11 days doing everything as a couple–movies, museums, dinners. 

When in doubt, trust your partner. When Covid hit, even Sundeep wondered how they’d make it work long distance. But Sharath made things easy. He flew down time to time and on one such visit, Sundeep took him to the riverside, went down on his knees and proposed to Sharath.

He said yes, and the two decided to get married.

They were constantly trolled for their wedding pictures on social media, but they made sure that they gave a fitting response.

Maybe that’s the power of love.

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