They are correct when they say, it’s all about loving your parents, and this story is proof of that. A guy who narrated his story to Humans of Bombay, shared how he was able to save his father’s life by donating a part of his liver to him. 

He starts by telling: 

When Papa was diagnosed with liver failure, I was shocked! He never smoked or drank. And when the doctor said, “Without a donor, he has 6 months to live”. I felt helpless. Papa told me, “I don’t want to die. I want to see you graduate!”. 
Instagram/Humans of Bombay

Things seemed pretty grim after this as the son tried to study while battling COVID during the second wave. The virus hit his father, too. This is when he decided he will donate his liver to his dad.

He was rushed to the hospital regularly so I’d sit beside him & study for my exams. I couldn’t bear to see Dad suffer anymore! So I told my family, “I’m going to save him. I’ll donate my liver!”.
Instagram/Humans of Bombay

Then, several tests happened and he was declared fit for the surgery. However, both his parents were understandably worried. 

He told me, “What if you develop complications? I won’t forgive myself!”. But I told him, “Your battle is mine. We’re not going to lose!”. We used our savings worth Rs. 20 lakh for the surgery. Maa would cry, “My lifelines are going into surgery!”.
Instagram/Humans of Bombay

All this while, their one companion was the game of ludo, which he’d let his father win each time. Now, as luck would have it, he managed to give his exams and graduated just 2 days before the surgery. All this while, he was studying, yes.

Papa said, “I was scared I wouldn’t see this day. You’ve made me the happiest Dad in the world!”. We had only one more test to pass and I prayed for the surgery to go smoothly.
Instagram/Humans of Bombay

Thankfully, the surgery did go smoothly and both of them recovered together. As of today, they are both healthy and the son has only one thing to say:

If this experience has taught us anything, it’s that life is uncertain and that family is everything… except if it’s a game of Ludo; then it’s all about winning!

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