In horrific videos coming in from Hyderabad, cars and trucks can be seen getting washed away due to heavy rain caused by a depression over the Bay of Bengal.

Hyderabad is among 14 districts which are worst affected by the deluge, and while we could not verify the date of the videos, many reports suggest that the floods have actually led to vehicles floating on the road.

As per reports, 12 people have lost their lives in Telangana in the last 48 hours, and keeping all the risks in mind, the weather department has advised people to stay inside their homes. 

In this connection, The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation has announced:

We are witnessing unprecedented rainfall in the city. A high of 25 cm rainfall has been recorded at LB Nagar!! Rains are expected to continue for a few more hours. Citizens are requested to remain indoors and stay safe. DRF teams are striving to normalize the situation.

This poses a lot of questions for the government, because if vehicles weighing tonnes can get washed away this easily, what chance do humans stand against the force of water?