The lack of supply of alcohol, due to the ongoing lockdown, has left many people in despair. While some are suffering from withdrawal symptoms, others, are desperately looking for alternatives. 

Seeing the current scenario, Kumar, a man from Hyderabad distributed pegs of alcohol among the people who needed it the most, in Hyderabad’s old city area on Sunday. 

He had a bottle of liquor at home so he decided to distribute small pegs to those who desperately needed it.  

When he was asked why he was doing so, during an interview with ANI, he said:

While I was returning to my residence in Hyderabad’s old city after completing my work, I noticed in Champapet area that a woman suffering from convulsion/fits due to alcohol. She was shifted to a hospital later on.

Kumar further stated, he wanted to help the people and his intention was not to violate the lockdown rules.

Here’s what the internet had to say about his thoughtful gesture. 

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