As cannabis culture has grown and evolved over the years, the ways people imbibe this plant has also become more creative. After all, THC apparently accelerates the part of your brain involved with creativity. 

According to The New Indian Express, Hyderabad Excise Police arrested paan-shop owner Jayanth Pradhan for selling chocolates laced with marijuana. Pretty sweet, huh.

Over 200 of these flavoured goodies were found at the raid. Excise officials said, 

Based on a tip-off, we raided the pan shop and found around 1.2 kg of chocolates in five packets. Each packet had around 40 chocolates,” excise officials said. After interrogating the pan shop owner, it was found that the chocolates were being made by another person, Akash Das.

Pradhan and his associate Akash were producing these sneaky toffees at a secret factory using weed from Odisha. Though this factory sounds more like Disneyland for adults.

The treats were then supplied to paan sellers between Fateh Nagar and Sanath Nagar road. 

Metro Times

The duo have now been arrested, and that entire stash has probably been dumped in some sort of dream-crushing machine. But for a few glorious moments, the people of Hyderabad knew what paradise meant.