Remember Anjali Ramkissoon, a fourth-year neurology resident at a US hospital, who recently beat up a Uber driver in an alleged drunken state? The video of that incident had gone vital with more than 10 lakh hits.

She has apologised for her actions and said she is very ashamed.

Anjali recently appeared on a television channel in the US, where she admitted it was her lowest moment and that she is glad the driver didn’t get her arrested.

In her interview to ABC News, Anjali said she was very stressed out that day, as her father was admitted to a hospital and she had also broken up with her boyfriend. However, she admitted that gave her no excuse to behave the way she did.

“I have hurt so many people with this..I am ashamed. Those who know me, know that it’s not me,” she said, adding she later paid for the damages and was thankful that the Uber driver didn’t press any charges on her.

Watch the interview here: