Today is a very important day. It's I am not going to take it anymore day.

Now, if you are someone like me, you will have no problem coming up with the things you can't take no more. From talkative co-workers to pathetic administration, from bank lines to plane evacuation - the list goes on and on. Here we have listed a few such things:

1. Sharing Netflix passwords.

Sharing Netflix passwords
Source: iheartradio

2. Fuckboys.

Fuckboy definition
Source: The Odyssey Online

3. Relatives’ questions on marriage.

Relatives’ questions on marriage
Source: Info Update

4. Bad jokes from boss.

Bad jokes from boss
Source: Meme

5. Curfew timings.

Curfew timings
Source: Womens Web

6. Dress code decided by the HR.

Dress code decided by the HR
Source: HCA Mag

7. ‘Better Luck Next Time’ on Google Pay.

‘Better Luck Next Time’ on Google Pay
Source: Tricks Gang

8. Spam mails.

Spam mails
Source: Ask Leo

9. Memes from private accounts.

10. Group pictures on dating profiles.

Group pictures on dating profiles
Source: Smithsonian Mag

11. Bad sequels.

Bad sequels
Source: Variety

12. Remixes of iconic songs.

Remixes of iconic songs
Source: Quora

13. Criminals as politicians.

Criminals as politicians
Source: Scroll

14. Being told not to protest.

Being told not to protest
Source: Business Insider

15. Men peeing on roads.

Men peeing on roads
Source: The Better India

16. Unsolicited dick pics.

Unsolicited dick pics
Source: Insider

17. Cab guy asking for location.

Cab guy asking for location
Source: NPR

18. Diluted shots on ladies’ nights.

Diluted shots on ladies’ nights
Source: Thrillist

19. Auto bhaiyas’ rejection.

Auto bhaiyas’ rejection
Source: Hindustan

20. Non-consensual sex.

Non-consensual sex
Source: Medium

21. ‘I am not a feminist, I am an equalist’.

I am not a feminist, I am an equalist
Source: A Dating Blog

22. Loud colleagues.

Loud colleagues
Source: WikiHow

23. Leaves getting lapsed.

Leaves getting lapsed
Source: NBC News

24. Dresses without pockets.

Dresses without pockets
Source: Yahoo

25. Gender stereotypes.

Gender stereotypes
Source: Marketing Week

26. Windows updates.

Windows updates
Source: How To Geek

27. Bad governance.

Bad governance
Source: Hindustan Times

28. Working weekends.

Working weekends
Source: Vagabomb

29. Spoilers.

30. High beams.

High beams
Source: The Globe And Mail

31. People reading over my shoulder.

 People reading over my shoulder
Source: Quora

32. Violence against animals.

Violence against animals
Source: Sosvox

33. Babies in movie halls.

 Babies in movie halls
Source: Boom Starter

34. Awkward hugs.

Awkward hugs
Source: Sweety High

35. Rangoli making competitions.

Rangoli making competitions
Source: GJIMT

36. Hangovers.

Source: Medical Xpress

37. Honking.

Source: Financial Express

38. Calls instead of texts.

Calls instead of texts
Source: Funny Grins

39. Trolling.

Source: Phys

40. Weird food combinations. 

Weird food combinations
Source: Live About

41. WhatsApp forwards.

WhatsApp forwards
Source: Reddit

42. Violence against students.

Violence against students
Source: Times Now

43. Potholes.

Source: India Today

44. Popcorn prices at cinema halls.

Popcorn prices at cinema halls
Source: Hindustan Times

45. Power cuts.

Power cuts
Source: Sentinel Assam

46. Religious fundamentalists.

Religious fundamentalists
Source: Asia News

47. Pseudo science.

48. More Fast And Furious movies.

More Fast And Furious movies
Source: Medium

49. Censorship.

Protest against censorship
Source: Indian Folk

50. Stupid TV debates.

Stupid TV debates
Source: My Nation

The list turned out to be longer than I expected (jk, can add another 50).