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It’s election time, and opinions are in the air. People are going all out to help the best candidate win, and you can feel the heat! Every time the topic of elections come up when I’m with my friends, the opinions are always divided. Usually, there are two of them arguing about their respective parties’ chances, while the rest are focused on people’s welfare. 

Based on these friendly political banters, we bring to you these six types of voters, that we bet you surely must have run into during these elections!

I swear, if I get a dollar every time they say, “Let me tell you something…”

For them, “Bik gayi hai gormint”, is just a meme…

Why bother when you have NOTA?

The ones who lurk in the shadows…

But there are always people who uphold tradition, right?

“What? There’s a separate MP for my constituency as well?”  

On a serious note, most of us hardly research on the candidates who contest from our constituency and focus on the seat at the centre. Often, people make their way to the voting booth uninformed, but some voters do research the candidates before casting their vote, hence setting a great example for the coming generation of voters.

Taking it forward, Times Now has come up with the #SwachhNeta initiative for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, in order to help voters perform a background check of all the candidates fighting for all constituencies. Hats off to them for this noble initiative, raising awareness among voters to know who they’re actually voting for. So, this election season, visit Swachh Neta to vote for change and make informed choices. 

Cast your vote wisely!