In the aftermath of the violent protests in Jamia, a video of a law student from Jamia has surfaced on the internet. In the viral video, the student addresses the mental trauma that the students were put through for protesting.   

The Indian Express

She mentioned how amidst the chaos, students peacefully sitting in the library were running for their lives the next minute and looking for “safe spaces” to shield themselves against the violence. She further mentions how she thought that a university was the safest pace: 

Traumatised by the police brutality in her university, this protestor who’s studying to become a lawyer was questioning the irony of the situation. She was supposed to be preparing for an exam on the constitution:  

She went on to ask people about the use of their education if they can’t even see what’s happening to our democracy and bearing the injustice that is happening to people around them. She further adds how she’s not going to let her religion cloud her judgement and is going to stand in solidarity:

Watch the full video here: