An Indian Air Force transport aircraft has reportedly gone missing after taking off from an airbase outside Assam.

Source: Aviation International News

According to India Today, the last contact was made with the IAF Antonov An-32 military transport aircraft at around 1 pm today. 

Source: Wikimedia commons

The report states that there were 13 people onboard the plane, including 8 crew members and 5 passengers. 

The IAF is known to have deployed all available sources to locate the missing aircraft. 

Source: Wired

According to reports, the Antonov An-32 had taken flight from Jorhat in Assam and was heading to the Mechuka Advanced Landing Ground in the Mechuka Valley in Arunachal Pradesh. 

Source: Aviation International News

The Mechuka Advanced Landing Ground is located near the China border. 

Source: Sputnik International

This is not the first time such an incident has occurred. In July 2016, Indian Air Force An-32 transport aircraft disappeared over the Bay of Bengal with 29 people onboard.