UPSC topper from Delhi, Tina Dabi, has been making headlines since news of her topping the exams for the civil services emerged, given she’s the first Dalit to ever do so. But on Monday, she posted on Facebook that multiple fake profiles of her had been created on the social networking site to post ‘obnoxious’ statements. 

 One of the posts the UPSC topper was referring to was this one: 

The post that accompanies it also praises her for choosing to ignore caste despite hailing from a Dalit caste and being the first person from the community to top the exam. 

In a post on her Facebook page, Dabi wrote: “It has come to my notice that some anti-social elements have made around 35 fake Facebook profiles and pages under my name and are posting obnoxious statements posing as me.”

“I want to clarify that none of the ridiculous statements being made under my name are my opinions,” she wrote.

The UPSC topper said that this was quite heartbreaking. 

“Its really heartbreaking for me to see that a few anti-social elements can’t even allow a simple girl who has done hard work to remain in peace.”

Read her entire post here:

A basic search on Facebook yields multiple pages under her name and the IAS exam topper has good reason to be worried. While one of the pages lists her as a Public Figure, at least two others list her as a government servant already. The one posted by Facebook user Shilpi Tiwari remains up for now and it remains unclear what the source of the image is.