The International Cricket Council has hailed India’s 2007 T20 World Cup hero Joginder Sharma for doing his bit as a cop in this fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.


The ICC posted a picture of the cricketer-turned-cop on Twitter and called him a ‘Real World Hero’. 

Sharma whose claim to fame came when he successfully bowled the last over in the T20 World Cup final against Pakistan in 2007 is now a DSP in Haryana Police.


Speaking to reporters, Sharma spoke about the challenges they faced while dealing with an unprecedented crisis like this. 

I have been a DSP since 2007. This is one of a kind challenge for me as a police officer because of the general fear and I can tell you that I have seen quite a few challenges in my years of service… Our duty time starts around 6am and we do patrolling, making people aware, send those who are out for fun to their homes, help those in need of essentials or medical aid and take action against those who try to defy without any good reason.

Sharma said that him being recognised as a World Cup winner helps the cause. 

They respect me for my achievement and sometimes it helps my work when they see my nameplate… When I tell people to not crowd markets for cheap deals, they adhere. I tell them how costly it would be if they catch this infection, that they should not risk a deadly disease for saving a few bucks.

The coronavirus pandemic has so far claimed at least 30,000 lives across the world so far while infecting more than 6.5 lakh people.