All good things must come to an end, as Iceland found out on Sunday. There was no crowning glory for Iceland unlike their blue counterparts in the Premier League — Leicester City. The tiny nation, known more for its volcanoes than their football, made millions of heads turn worldwide but their tremendous journey came to a crushing halt against the hosts France. 

Olivier Giroud scored twice to take man-of-the-match honours as France marched into the Euro 2016 semi-finals but even after a 5-2 hammering, Iceland departed with pride having struck new underdog blows.

As was expected, the match was highly talked about on Twitter, with France getting a lot of praise for playing, arguably,  the best attacking football of the tournament.

And it was heartening to see that there was lot of love for Iceland as well.

But the best part of the night, on Twitter, was when people took the chance to remind England of how they screwed up against Iceland!

This was a day earlier, but it still made a lot of sense:

Oh, England. Never change!

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