Real men respect women. Period.

And in a world constantly striving for gender equality, every man claims he is a real man. But how do we know that for sure?

Hrithik Roshan has a solution. And he has offered it in a new commercial for Emami Ltd.

The ad, which has gone viral on the social media, starts off with the age-long question – Asli man hota hai kaun?

Is he the one with eight-pack abs or the coolest car? Or the one with the thickest moustache or the biggest dog? 

NO. Hrithik tells us that none of these qualify one to be the asli man. 

What is it then?

Turns out that you are a real man if you have superhuman-like qualities and the ability to splinter a creepy guy’s phone into pieces when he tries to take a woman’s photo without her permission.

The ad then goes on to somehow associate this heroic act with the way you smell. So if you are a real man, you should be exuding a certain type of fragrance. 

Of course the one Hrithik is endorsing here.

So ladies, the next time someone tells you that he really respects women, you know what to do. Go closer to him, put your olfactory senses to good use and make sure he smells of ‘He Respect.’ If he does, there you go – You have found a real man for yourself!