As the debate over the CAA and the NRC rages on throughout the country, a top government official told Times of India that anyone born before 1987 or whose parents were born before 1987 are Indian citizens by naturalisation according to the law.  

CAA protests
Source: Hindustan Times

The official also clarified that according to the 2004 amendments of the Citizenship Act, people of India, except those from Assam, whose one parent is an Indian and neither is an illegal immigrant, are also Indian citizens. 

CAA protests
Source: Free press journal

This clarification has come amidst the intense protests against the NRC and CAA all across the country. 

NRC Assam
Source: DNA India

This is applicable for every person in the country, except in the case of Assam, where the cut-off date for identification of a citizen is 1971.