In India it has been deemed absolutely essential for one to wear a mask when they go out. However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA doesn't think it's necessary for you to wear masks unless if you have the symptoms. 

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Anyhow, it is safer if we do. Now, for some reason or other, most Indian men have facial hair. And that could be a problem, given it could very well compromise the safety of the mask you are wearing. 

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Basically, the CDC recommends that any facial hair that can fit entirely under a respirator should be fine.

So if your facial hair is long and covers enough of your face so that it pushes against the seal of the mask, then you have a problem.

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So, in order to educate the masses about it, the CDC has released an infographic regarding what kind of beard would be safe within a mask. 

As you can see, unless you've got very little facial hair, these masks aren't going to do much for you. 

Funnily though, I didn't even know there were these many styles of beards by the way. Hell, I thought a few of them had even gone extinct and could only be seen in poorly made period dramas. Like Fu Manchu and the English? Why even?

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BTW, this was published in 2017 and was not made as specific guidance for coronavirus. So...