How often have you been dared to do things that are high-risk, can cost you a fortune and your life plans?

There is someone who constantly dares people to think beyond life and the mainstream system by urging them to join a course which is not affiliated to any of the statutory bodies in India.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you said Arindam Chaudhuri you’re absolutely right . IIPM Director and economist, Chaudhuri promotes his course by the famous tagline ‘ Dare to think beyond MBA and BBA’. The official website of IIPM says that it’s not a university and it does not provide an MBA degree, what it provides is beyond MBA and BBA.


Last year, Delhi High Court had censured Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM) and it’s dean Arindam Chaudhuri for misleading students to believe that IIPM courses are better than MBA and BBA courses.

A week’s time was given to IIPM for displaying the court’s judgement prominently on its website to ensure that the attention of anyone visiting the website is drawn to it. An amount of Rupees 25,000 was also imposed on IIPM, which had to be paid to Delhi Legal Services Authority.

The court noted that IIPM was promoting an impression that it had recognition from a foreign management institute — International Management Institute (IMI), Belgium.


Now IIPM is back with a bang, it’s IIPM 2.0. And the biggest irony in the advertisement is the credibility and experience which it boasts about. A place where most of the faculty members are IIPM alumni, speaks of experience.

Image source: Facebook

It will be very difficult to predict whether IIPM will be able to establish its credibility, but we would urge aspiring candidates to take their final decision only after cross checking the affiliation of an institute or university.