With solar energy being widely used across the globe for electricity and charging devices, among other purposes, it is still uncommon to find solar powered houses or offices in our country. It is indeed a convenient source of energy yet we choose to rely on non-renewable resources even after knowing it all. Using solar panels fitted to a bicycle’s body, one man chose to travel across the country to sensitise people to the use of solar energy for everyday purposes. 

Meet Sushil Reddy, an IIT-B alumnus, who decided to ride a solar-powered electric bicycle across nine Indian states to raise awareness about solar energy as a sustainable energy source. 

Starting from Mumbai, he rode this solar powered bike across 9 states, covering almost 7424 km in 79 days.

With a team of 3 people – Krunal Tailor, Rajendra Bhaskar and Himanshu Singh – he managed to pedal around the country while highlighting relevant information related to solar power via seminars in schools, colleges, universities and even carried out discussions with local people about the same.

For accomplishing this spectacular mission, he has been given a place in the Guinness World Records as the man who has completed the longest journey on a motorized bicycle.

Isn’t it amazing? In case you want to know more, you can check out The SunPedal Ride, an e-book he published about his exciting journey on a solar-powered vehicle. All the proceeds from the purchase of this book will go to an NGO called Hockey Village India, which aims to provide solar power to a village school in Rajasthan.

This is incredible. Kudos to you, Sushil!