Everyone wants to meet Mark Zuckerberg. But the Facebook CEO is being choosy. Only one in nine students of I ndian Institute of Technology in Delhi will get entry to the townhall being held on October 28 .

The entire session is being handled by a Facebook team and t he lucky chums who will interact with Zuckerberg have been selected through a lottery. Unfortunately most students will be sitting it out.


The venue where the townhall is to be held has a seating capacity for 1,100. 900 of the seats are reserved for students. Almost everyone from the 8,000-strong student community at IIT-D wants to meet their idol, but logistically it is just not possible. When an invite was posted on the IIT website, 1,300 students filled up the application form in the first two hours. Facebook had to discontinue the link after it got 3,500 applications.

“Town hall has always been popular, but not like this one,” said a faculty at IIT Delhi. “Mark is a role model for most of the students as he is easy to identify with. Also as the focus of both the institute and students is moving towards entrepreneurship and innovation, his visit has created a lot of enthusiasm, reported The Economic Times .

Zuckerberg has visited India several times in the past but this is the first time that he is holding a townhall.

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