You like your friends but you LOVE biryani! That’s not an exaggeration because only a person who’s in love with biryani can know the depths to which that love can take you. It’s easily the most amazing dish in the entire world. Regardless of what you have tried or not tried in your life, eating biryani is the one thing you HAVE to do. Here are 11 signs you’re in a relationship with biryani:

1. When you travel, your number one priority isn’t sightseeing or learning the culture – it’s hunting down the best biryani place in the city and enjoying a few plates.

2. You know your biryani well, be it Lucknowi, Hyderabadi, Calcutta, Ambur, Mughlai, Kashmiri, Afghani et al.

3. Whichever restaurant you go to, be it a small-time eating joint or a seven-star dining palace, the only question you want answered is ‘Do you have biryani?’

4. Nothing ruins your week like tasting bad biryani.

5. When people order abominations like ‘veg biryani’ or ‘fish biryani’ you’re in total shock. Biryani equals mutton biryani first and chicken second. And that’s it.

6. Your Instagram is filled with numerous photos of delicious succulent biryani you have come across!

7. You bond faster with fellow human beings who have a similar appreciation of this heavenly dish.

8. While a normal biryani lover can list out about 3 best places for biryani, your list is more detailed, better researched and includes footnotes and analysis. You know great places for biryani that most people haven’t even heard of.

9. Every time you come across anything Biryani, you immediately share it on Facebook.

10. Whenever you write reviews on food sites like Zomato, your decision to make or break a restaurant depends on the quality of the biryani they serve.

11. You’ll probably order a tasty, mouth-watering, delectable plate of mutton biryani after reading this post. Because we just did!

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