Residents of a four-storey building in Bengaluru were in for a shock on Wednesday, February 5 after their entire building started to tilt, causing panic and chaos. 

According to News18, the residential building located on the Vinayaka Nagar Street started to shake violently and soon tilted leftwards. 

The Hindu

Images of the 5-year-old building soon went viral on social media and people were comparing it to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. 

All occupants inside the building – which consists of eight apartment units – were evacuated safely and no injury was reported. 

Authorities suspected the illegal construction of a plot to be the reason behind the tilt in the residential building. 

The owner of the plot was detained by the Police in connection with the case. 

And soon Twitter was buzzing about the incident. 

Later it was confirmed that the damage to the building’s beam was caused by a JCB working on the illegal plot and that led to the building violently shaking and tilting leftwards.