The country-wide lockdown has given Indians many images that will haunt us till the end of our lives.

Group of migrants walking back home. 

Thousands of people waiting for a handful of buses.

And now, this heartbreaking image of a child sleeping on a suitcase as his mother drags it forward.


Walking with a small group on Agra highway, the child must have gotten too tired to be able to take a single step and hence decided to rest his body on the suitcase. 

Mother being a mother, decided not to disturb him.

On being asked why the group did not take the many buses started by the government, the exhausted woman decided to stay quiet.

They were travelling to Jhansi from Punjab, which is a distance of 800 kilometers.

The plight of migrant workers just doesn’t seem to end. In fact, it is only getting worse with time, putting a lot of things into perspective – majorly, the general lack of EQ shown by the government and the glaring inequality in our society.