Even though COVID-19 cases are steadily rising in the country, Goa was classified as a 'Green Zone' by the central government yesterday. 

However, the govt is taking some stringent actions to fight the virus and keep the region coronavirus-free. According to NDTV, the Goa government has decided that people who will not wear masks would not be provided with fuel at petrol pumps or ration at fair price shops in the state.  

Source: OPIndia

This was decided during a meeting of the State Executive Committee (SEC) chaired by Chief Secretary Parimal Rai on Thursday. The committee mentioned in a statement

To enable this, the state should launch a campaign, like 'no mask-no petrol' or 'no mask-no ration. 
Source: Yahoo

The Director of Civil Supplies has been asked by the committee to work out a campaign in order to reach out to the petrol pumps and fair price shops asking them to implement this concept. 

Source: IndiaTimes

In the meeting it was discussed that police have already collected fine from about 1,000 people for not wearing masks in the district.